Monthly Archives: December 2011

Digital Media in Serbia

Guest Post By Jovanka Matic

Digital technology is very much present in Serbia. While only half the population had a mobile subscription in 2005, five years later there were 132 mobile phones for every hundred citizens. By May 2010, Serbia ranked … Read more

Can we civilize the tabloids without losing press freedom?

By Mark Thompson*

The ongoing inquiry into “the culture, practices and ethics of the media” in the United Kingdom spent last month taking statements from victims of the tabloid press. Some were famous (actors, footballers, etc.), while others were ordinary members … Read more

Guatemala: General Telecommunications Law Reform presents a threat for the developing of inclusive media

By Renata Avila*

On 27 September 2011, right after the first round of elections in Guatemala, Congress member Ricardo Villalte proposed a bill to amend the 1996 Telecommunications Law (Congressional Decree 94-96 reformed by Decrees 115-97, 47-2002, 82-2002 and 11-2006).

At a … Read more

Latvian media – heading for analog oblivion

Guest Post By Signe Valtiņa

On 15 January 2009, a Latvian guy named Jānis Krūms posted a photo on his profile and tweeted: “There is a plane in the Hudson. I’m on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy.“ The … Read more


Latvia – Mapping Digital Media Report [Updated with Latvian translation]

Latvia ended analog terrestrial broadcasting on June 1, 2010, following a flawed process of spectrum allocation, minimal public consultation, and without ensuring that the public understood the process or that the most vulnerable members of society were assured of access … Read more