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Beppe Grillo: Italian population living in a “gigantic ‘Truman Show’”

by Sameer Padania on

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So the long-standing debate about the independence of Italy’s public broadcaster, RAI – addressed in Mapping Digital Media: Italy, and by the Open Media Coalition, Italy’s media reform movement – has now received the Grillo treatment.

Italian comedian Beppe Grillo last … Read more

Italy: New Policy Rules on Spectrum Allocation

by Guest Post on

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On 24 April, the Italian government, led by Prime Minister Mario Monti, moved to change the country’s system for allocating television frequencies. It jettisoned the so-called “beauty contest” method saying it would have done little to open the market to … Read more

Italy after Berlusconi: What now for media freedom?

by on

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The Open Society Foundations and the Reuters Institute in association with Frontline Club will discuss the future of the media in Italy after Berlusconi. On 12 November, the longest-serving post-war Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi resigned after … Read more

Italian media: who changes the guard?

by Marius Dragomir on

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I’m in Rome, where the Mapping Digital Media: Italy report has been launched. I participated, with MDM researchers Borbála Tóth from Hungary and Roberto Belicanec from Macedonia, in a debate moderated by Eurovisioni’s Luciana Castellina. [Update: the report is also now … Read more

Italy – Mapping Digital Media Report

by on

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Digital terrestrial television was introduced in Italy in 2001. The switch-off of analog broadcasting started in 2009 and is based on the progressive “digitization” of regional areas. The deadline for the definitive switch-over from analog to digital broadcasting is set … Read more

Instrumentalization in Italian Journalism

by on

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By Paolo Mancini

Television coverage of the Marcegaglia case demonstrated the traditional partisanship of Italian news media: this is what the new report by the Osservatorio di Pavia shows.

This coverage also confirms two other deeply rooted habits of Italian journalism. … Read more

Analyzing the ‘Italian anomaly’ in television news

by Mark Thompson on

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The political capture of national television news in Italy has been alleged and debated for many years. Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi dominates broadcasting to a degree that is unique in western Europe and has few parallels anywhere on the continent.

He … Read more