About us

Welcome to mediapolicy.org, a partnership supported by the Media Program of the Open Society Foundations to strengthen evidence-based debate on media and ICT policy-making.

mediapolicy.org does four things to support the media and ICT policy-making environment:

  1. Collate research, evidence and data (including OSF’s Mapping Digital Media)
  2. Provide, curate and aggregate important news, information and analysis about policyjournalismtransparency, and events
  3. Collate & develop resources to build the capacity of policy-makers, researchers and advocates 
  4. Catalyse collaboration between stakeholders in media and ICT policy

Who is mediapolicy.org for?

  • people making policy: professional media policy communities at the national level (politicians, regulators, civil servants, academics, lawyers) and the regional / intergovernmental levels (Council of Europe, UNESCO, etc.)
  • people influencing policy: donor organizations, academic institutions, think tanks and civil society groups working on issues related to media, communication and information policy
  • people covering policy: media, journalists, bloggers and other commentators covering media, communication and information policy

We welcome contributions on any of these areas from researchers, academics, policy-makers, legal experts, civil society advocates, and other stakeholders in media and ICT policy – to discuss writing for mediapolicy.org, get in touch with us via the site, on Twitter, or on Facebook