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The Media Diversity Institute newsletter is out and full of great pieces and resources


The Media Diversity Institute works internationally to encourage and facilitate responsible media coverage of diversity. It aims to prevent the media from intentionally or unintentionally spreading prejudice, intolerance and hatred which can lead to social tensions, disputes and violent conflict.

Their current bi-monthly issue is out and covering all these issues:

Media and the Riots Conference: The Big Debate

US Journalism’s Lack of Focus on Wall Street

INDONESIA WATCH: Stopping Hate Speech in the Social Media

‘What’s Up’ Training Programme is Calling for Applications

Morocco Faces up to Challenge of Creating Inclusive Media

Ethical Journalism Initiative: National Conference in Bratislava

Community Channel Seeking Inspiring News Video and Reports

Belgian Survey of Diversity and Equality in the Francophone Press

Life on MARS – a Way of Combating Discrimination in Sport through Media

EU Award for Articles on Diversity – €5,000 Top Prize

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