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German Public Service Broadcasting and Online Activity – Mapping Digital Media Reference Paper

Few countries support public service broadcasting more enthusiastically than Germany, where the public service broadcasters (PSBs) are seen as more informal, modern, and entertaining than before, without having lost their reputation for quality. The combined budgets of all the PSBs … Read more

Too good to be true? Behind the scenes of Germany digital media market

by Olaf Steenfadt*

Can you imagine the closest adviser to any prime minister in Europe being transferred directly from the premier’s office to lead a public broadcaster? The outcry would surely be deafening, as people protested at such extreme political manipulation … Read more

Germany – Mapping Digital Media

On November 25, 2008, Germany completed the transition from analog to digital terrestrial television transmission. In 2012, all analog satellite reception will cease. Digitization of broadcasting has increased the choice of both public and private television channels and has led … Read more