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Italy: New Policy Rules on Spectrum Allocation

On 24 April, the Italian government, led by Prime Minister Mario Monti, moved to change the country’s system for allocating television frequencies. It jettisoned the so-called “beauty contest” method saying it would have done little to open the market to … Read more

On-Demand Services and Media Diversity – Mapping Digital Media Reference Paper

*By Laure Kaltenbach and Alexandre Joux


In this Reference Paper, on-demand services  that give access by internet (or cable) to video, audio, and other content is explored. A vast range of on-demand media products is now available. Media corporations no longer … Read more

Lebanon – Mapping Digital Media Report

*By Jad Melki, Yasmine Dabbous, Khaled Nasser, and Sarah Mallat (lead reporters)

In the Mapping Digital Media country report of Lebanon, it is stated that Lebanon is considered one of the freest countries in a region dominated by dictatorships. However, it … Read more

Turkey – Mapping Digital Media Report

*By Asli Tunç and Vehbi Görgülü

The Turkish Mapping Digital Media report states that there is a strong appetite for digital media in Turkey. The reach of the internet—both fixed line and mobile—has expanded dramatically in recent years, connecting nearly half … Read more

South Africa – Mapping Digital Media Report

The Mapping Digital Media project examines the global opportunities and risks created by the transition from traditional to digital media. Covering 60 countries, the project examines how these changes affect the core democratic service that any media system should provide: … Read more


Digital Television, the Public Interest, and European Regulation – Mapping Digital Media Reference Paper

By Petros Iosifidis*


Discussion of digital television has focused on switch-over dates, set-top boxes, and the technical and economic implications of switch-over. This paper, by contrast, focuses on public interest obligations and citizenship values such as freedom, access, universality, political pluralism … Read more


Digital Media, Conflict and Diasporas in the Horn of Africa – Mapping Digital Media Reference Paper

* By Iginio Gagliardone and Nicole Stremlau

The Horn of Africa is one of the least connected regions in the world. Nevertheless, digital media play an important social and political role in Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia (including South-Central Somalia and the … Read more

Albania – Mapping Digital Media Report

In Albania, digital terrestrial broadcasting has so far affected mainly the capital and other cities, while the rest of the country and especially the rural areas have hardly been affected due to insuffi cient coverage and lower … Read more

Lithuania: The rise of yet another type of media culture?

By Auksė Balčytienė*

The Lithuanian report in the Mapping Digital Media series gives an account of what has happened in the media in Lithuania over the past two decades. It also looks at the biggest challenges that have recently shocked … Read more

How Television Went Digital in the Netherlands – Mapping Digital Media Reference Paper


The Netherlands was the second country in Europe to switch off traditional analog television. On December 11, 2006, some three months after Luxembourg had taken this step, the analog terrestrial signal was switched off and the same frequencies are now … Read more

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