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Digital Review of Asia-Pacific – research on Asian ICT economies

We’re constantly coming across excellent research funded by Canada’s IDRC, but stumbling across this terrific resource on Asian digital economies was a bit of a revelation. Originally a print-oriented publication, it’s moving towards being a much more collaboratively put-together resource … Read more

Media Barometer reports for Africa, Asia and Europe (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung)

German Foundation Friedrich Ebert Stiftung has regularly conducted one of the widest assessments of African media environments (and now Asia and Europe), using their Barometer methodology:

Every two to three years a panel of 10 to 12 local experts, consisting of … Read more

Report on Demos’ Regional Consultations on Freedom of Expression Online

As reported here, the Demos Institute, a Guatemala based human rights research center, headed by Mr. Frank La Rue, UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression, has organized a series … Read more

Thailand – Mapping Digital Media Report

The dawn of the digital age in Thailand has ushered in the most promising development in Thai media for more than a generation: the establishment of an independent public service broadcaster.

However, because of political complications, there has been no plan … Read more

Audiovisual Media Policy, Regulation and Independence in Southeast Asia

The media systems of Southeast Asia are extraordinarily diverse in terms of professional standards, economic models, political engagement, and technology. They range from Vietnam, where private media are not allowed, to Thailand, where all broadcasters are somehow public in character, … Read more

Southeast Asian Media: Patterns of Production and Consumption

No region in the world has more diverse conditions for media than Southeast Asia. With a political spectrum that straddles vibrant free markets and one-party monopolies, encompassing many business models, varieties of ownership, stages of technological development, and degrees of … Read more